11: ♥ Coding Scala Way – Actors with Akka – part 1

We already saw in Java: Producer and Consumer Java Multi-threading code. This extends the tutorial “Simple Akka tutorial in Scala step by step” for setting up the environment with right plugins and libraries with Eclipse & Maven.

The Akka Actors sending & receiving messages

Akka Actors conceptually each have their own light-weight thread. Actors are represented to the outside using ActorRefs, which are objects that can be passed around freely and without restriction. The “!” method is in the “akka.actor.ActorRef” trait.

Let’s look at a very simple example of sending a message to an actor.


As you can see there are two threads involved. The JVM “main” thread, the consuming actor thread “producer-consumer-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-2 “.

!” is a method that sends (tells) a message to a consumer. Once the message has been delivered to the actor, the actor processes the message by invoking its receive method.

Alternatively, use “tell” method

The “tell” method is in the “akka.actor.ScalaActorRef” trait.

Here is the Scala code in action.

The messages don’t have to be of type String


What if you want to spawn a new producer thread instead of the default JVM main thread


Shutting down or stopping Akka system

Instead of System.exit(1), you can shutdown with

In order to close an actor, you can do

overall bird-eye view of the Java Environment together with so many useful questions. I am totally impressed with the way you have learned Java.

Yours Sincerely
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