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JMeter beginner tutorial

This tutorial performance test the RESTFul web service we created ealier as part of the “RESTful Web Service Tutorial with Apache CXF, Maven, and Eclipse” with JMeter. JMeter is an opensource performance testing tool. Step 1: Download latest release version of Apache JMeter from ““, and unzip it into c:\tools

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♥ JMeter for testing RESTFul web services by posting JSON data and how to use BeanShell

We looked at “JMeter Performance testing Interview Q&A” covered in a Q&A and tutorial style. This is a brief extension to cover JSON HTTP post. Now a days, a single page interactive web sites are very popular, and they post JSON based data back to the server to create a

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♦ JMeter performance testing interview Q&A

Performance testing is an important process of any software development. Even though these are not common interview questions for Java developers, you can bring it up yourself to many open-ended questions. Setting up a performance/load test script is always the first step in fixing non-functional and hard to reproduce issues…...

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