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Preparation and being in the “know how” breed confidence, and confidence can do lots of wonderful things to your career.

How to prepare for Java/JEE job interviews?

How is training different, and how do I benefit?

Answers are detailed with lots of diagrams, tutorials, examples, and code to be useful beyond interview preparation to assist as a quick reference companion in getting your tasks done at work with greater understanding.

NOT for those who want to memorize the answers prior to job interviews

Real success takes time and continuous learning. Answers are detailed to be very useful beyond interview preparation in proactively acquiring much needed technical know how and skills to boost your job security and confidence.

Job interviews are not exams

to see who gets the most number of questions right. No body knows everything. So, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of Q&As. It is all about “how well you can convince your interviewer that you can get the job done”. Industrial strength answers to open-ended & technical questions will go a long way in stamping your “know how” and experience. The interviewers only have around an hour and a limited number of questions to judge your experience and capabilities. The 16 technical key areas is a great place to start developing the skills to convince your prospective employers.

Job interview/career success = technical know how + experience + confidence + soft skills + attitude.


More and more interviewers are opting for written tests. So, practice your coding skills. Watching a number of videos or learning the concepts alone won’t cut it. You need to write lots of code, make many mistakes, ask lots of questions and fix those mistakes.

The more code you write and the more code you read, the better developer you become.

600+ Java/JEE Interview Q&As

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200+ FAQs for Quick Java Interview Prep

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16 Technical Key Areas to standout

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80+ step by step Tutorials conducive to self-taught projects

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100+ pre-interview coding tests

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How good are your …..?

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