02: Getting started with conda on Mac OS

This extends Getting started with Python on Mac OS.

What is conda?

Conda is an open source package and environment management system that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Conda => Mini Conda (i.e. Conda + Python + Base Packages) => Anaconda (i.e. Mini Conda + 150+ proven package)

1. Install Mini Conda

Add it to “~/.bash_profile”


2. Checking if conda is up to date

Upadate any packages if necessary by typing “y” to proceed.

Creating a virtual environment for a project

Firstly, list the available Python versions:

Create an evironment:

3. Activate your environment


The environment will be displayed on the command prompt.

4. Install additional packages

You can add additional Python packages like anaconda, etc to your virtual environment as shown below:

5. Deactivating your virtual environment

6. Deleting a virtual environment

that is no longer required.

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