1. ♥ Set up environment for home coding assignments

Step 1: Setup Java, Maven, and SonarQube

1. Java: Latest possible version. Setting up Java, Maven, and eclipse.

2. Maven 3: For building. Setting up Java, Maven, and eclipse.

3. SonarQube: For code quality. SonarQube with Maven Tutorial – Code Quality for Java developers.

4. Jococo SonarQube: For unit test coverage. Jacoco for unit test coverage with SonarQube tutorial.

Step 2: Create a maven project

Press enter for all prompts to use the default values.

Step 3: The pom.xml

Should have the bare minimum dependencies like junit, slf4j, and logback. The SonarQube plugin for code quality. These are necessary to write production quality code.

Step 4: Create the packages for home assignments

The project structure example used in following home assignments:

pre-interview & self-taught projects Java coding assignments

pre-interview & self-taught projects Java coding assignments

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