20+ Maven plugins listed for an enterprise Java (i.e. a JEE) project

In Maven, there are build and the reporting plugins. Build plugins will be executed during the build, and they should be configured in the “build” element.

What is a “Plugin Architecture”?

In this architecture, a core application defines an interface, and the functionality will be implemented as a set of plug-ins that conform to that interface. For example, the the Eclipse RCP framework, Maven build tool, WordPress, etc use this architecture.

plugin architecture

plugin architecture

What makes maven a powerful build tool?

The standard maven lifecycles (default, clean, and site, and each lifecycle has phases like compile, test, package, install, deploy) combined with the abundance of available plugins for code generation, documentation, code metrics etc. The default lifecycle is defined without any associated plugin. The plugin bindings for the default lifecycle are defined separately for every packaging. For example

What Maven plugins do you use in a typical JEE project?

Let’s look at some examples of a typical enterprise level project, what plugins are used for what purpose.

The reporting plugin examples.

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