About Java-success.com

This online training was developed based on the book Java/JEE Job Interview Companion that was first published in 2007, and sold around 35,000+ copies via amazon.com.

The book is outdated, and replaced with this industrial strength membership (i.e. 1700+ members) site to learn on the go.

Experienced professionals…

Ask the right questions: Is my code thread safe? Is my project CI/CD ready? Should I containerise it with Docker? Am I dealing with Big Data here? Should I go for batch processing or real-time streaming? Can I achieve low latency here via MPP? Do I have enough unit test coverage? How can I partition the data to reduce shuffling and data skew? How can I debug memory leaks? How can I promote loose coupling here? and so on…….

Why wait years to gain experience when you can proactively learn & apply a lot sooner.

Why Q&As approach?

If you are an employer it pays to hire well rounded candidates by asking the right questions.

If you are an employee it empowers you to take your know-hows & skills to the next level.

Q&As approach to learning is not only thought provoking, but also more concise and quicker to learn a wide range of key concepts than reading 50+ books with hundreds of pages. You always have Google.com & Youtube.com to drill down if you know what questions to ask.

Transformation from Java developer to Data Engineer

High salary & huge demand for Big Data Engineers & Data Scientists. Data engineers are in charge of building data pipelines and ETL processes. This site focus on skills required for transformation from being a Java developer to a Big Data Engineer.

  • Good programming skills in Java, Scala & Python.
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL & NoSQL.
  • Excellent knowledge of Data warehousing, Data Lakes & Data modelling
  • Good knowledge/experience with cloud platforms, especially AWS.
  • Good knowledge/experience in building CI/CD pipelines.

Why low latency & Big Data are high income skills?

How it helped me?

Empowered me to choose from 6-10 job offers & negotiate better rates every time I am ready to jump the ship.

Why “java-success.com”?

Why java-success.com?

What are the benefits of Java-Success.com?

Why wait 5-10 when you can fast-track in 1-2 ?

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