BeanIO Java tutorial

BeanIO is an open source Java framework for marshaling and marshaling Java beans from a flat file, stream, or simple String object. It is very powerful with support for XML, CSV, delimited and fixed length stream formats, Object binding, filed validation, integration with spring-batch, etc. Here is a basic tutorial to get started.

Step 1: The sample CSV file to convert to an object of type Person. The first record is a header record, and the subsequent ones are detail records. The file is person.csv under src/main/resources/data

Step 2: Define the dependency jar in pom.xml file.

Step 3:The main class that wires up everything.

Step 3: The POJO Person class.

Step 4: The person.xml under src/main/resources where you can map to your POJO

Step 5: Next, the handler class that parses Enums to String.

Step 6: “PersonType” enum class.

Step 7: The output of the BeanIoMain is:

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