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16+ Tech Key Areas to go places as a Java, Big Data or any software engineer or architect

If you want to be a top-notch developer who goes places, then you must have a good handle on these 16+ technical key areas. Seasoned Java developers must have a solid understanding of these “transferrable skills“. These are transferrable skills that can be applied to any technology & programming by asking the right questions.… Read more ...


Why acquire skills & experience in low latency & Big Data? What specific skills are required?

According to Dice’s 2017 Salary Survey (PDF), those tech professionals who specialise in data warehousing, analytics, Big Data, low latency, and machine learning got paid big bucks for the past several years.

More and more organisations are complimenting their data warehouse systems like Teradata with Big Data platforms like Cloudera Data Platform, AWS (i.e.Read more ...


Don't be overwhelmed by the number of Q&As & tech stacks as nobody knows everything, and often key Q&As at the right moment makes a difference.

500+ Java Interview FAQs

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