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01: Q1 – Q6 Scala interview questions & answers – FP

100+ FAQ Scala interview questions answered with code. Learn more about FP – 6 tips to transforming your thinking from OOP/imperative programming to functional programming (i.e. FP). Scala is very popular in Bigdata. 70+ FAQ Bigdata & Hadoop interview questions & answers with diagrams &

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02: Q6 – Q12 Scala FP currying, closures & partial functions interview Q&As

This extends Q1 – Q5 Scala Functional Programming basics interview questions & answers

Q6. What is a curried function in Scala?
A6. Currying is the technique of transforming a function with multiple arguments into a function with just one argument,

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03: Q13 – Q18 Scala FP combinators interview questions & answers

Q13. What are the different approaches in Scala to solve the following task?

Given numbers 1 to 6, and you need to extract out the odd numbers and double them, and finally print the result.

A13. There are 3 ways to solve the problem.

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04: Q19 – Q26 Scala Data Structures basics interview questions & answers

Q19. What is the use of Tuples in Scala?
A19. A Tuple is an immutable collection that can hold objects of different types. In other words, it groups together logical collections of items without using a class. There are 22 Tuple class in Scala from Tuple1,

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05: Q27 – Q32 Scala idioms Q&As on Option-Some-None, Try-Success-Failure and Either-Left-Right

Java has idioms like Try-Catch-Finally, Scala has idioms like 1) “Option-Some-None”, 2) Either-Left-Right 3) Try-Success-Failure.

Q27. How does Scala try to solve the problem of getting rid of null values & the “NullPointerException”?
A27. Scala provides its own type for representing optional values with “Option[A]”,

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06: Q33 – Q40 Scala Futures and Promises Interview Q&As

Q33. What is a “Future” object in Scala? Is it an immutable object? A33. A Future is a holder object that holds a value (i.e. success scenario) or an exception (i.e. failure) which may become available at some point. Future represents the result of an asynchronous computation. … Read more...

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800+ Java Interview Q&As

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