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Before running a Spark job on a YARN cluster in Cloudera and about the Spark history server

Problem: When you run a Spark job via “spark-submit” command on a “YARN” cluster as shown below in a terminal, It creates a folder and files in HDFS under The files will be named with “application ids” like “application_1510971789108_0015”. This will cause a permission issue, … Read more ›...

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Understanding Cloudera Hadoop users

Step 1: A number of special users are created by default when installing and using CDH and Cloudera Manager. For example

Unix user id: hdfs
groups: hdfs hadoop

Unix user id: spark
groups: spark

Unix user id: hive
groups: hive

and so on.

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⏯ 01: Cloudera Manager Tutorial

1. Installing & getting started with Cloudera QuickStart on VMWare for windows in 17 steps

Learn step by step at: Course: Getting started with BigData on Cloudera

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