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12 things to know about job interviews

1. Interviews are not technical contests

to see who gets the most number of questions right. Nobody knows everything. so, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of Q&As on this site. It is all about effectively & confidently communicating your ability to add value to an organisation. Preparation is the key as it boosts your confidence & ability to clearly communicate your value with substance (E.g. 16+ Technical Key Areas, asking the right questions, etc).

The Quality of the answers to key technical questions and open-ended questions with industrial strength reasoning and know-hows will go a long way in …

How to prepare to succeed in Java job interviews?

1. Firstly, reflect back on your past experiences and achievements by going through your resume to sell yourself more effectively. “Think of situations where you have”

  • fixed issues relating to performance, security holes, memory leaks and concurrency mgmt.
  • taken a project through full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) inclusive of Setting up a Maven repository, Jenkins for continuous integration, SonarQube for code quality & test coverage to facilitate TDD.
  • Initiated & championed “QuickWins” projects to enhance end user experience.
  • Debugged Spring transaction management & fixed issues related to incorrect transactional boundaries.
  • Set up

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