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01: 12+ Git Source control must know basics interview Q&As

Q1. How does Git differ from SVN?

#1. Git is a distributed source control system meaning that there will be multiple client repositories. SVN is one repository with lots of clients. GIT is decentralized to a point where people can track their own edits locally without having to push things to an external server.


You checkout from a trunk or a branch from a central SVN repository with the checkout or “co” command.

In Git:

a) You “clone” a company wide “master” repository to your local repository. When you clone, …


02: 6 More Git interview Q&As

Extending 8 Git Source control system interview questions & answers. Q1. What do you understand by the term patch or pull request? A1. A patch means change sets you want to communicate and apply to another repository. Nowadays, the GitHub “pull request” makes it really easy to apply patches on…

03: Understanding Git terms origin, master, and head

Q1. What is a .git folder? A1. Like .SVN folder for subversion holding the metat data, .git folder holds the Git meta data like remote repository, branch names, etc. If you do

it shows that you are on the branch “myapp-integration”

take note of the “config, HEAD, MERGE_HEAD,…

04: Git Merging Vs rebasing interview questions and answers

Q1. What do you understand by the terms merging and rebasing? Can you explain both with a daiagram? A1. Both of these commands are designed to integrate changes from one branch into another branch—they just do it in very different ways. When developers work in parallel and commit changes to…


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