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09: Q76– Q88 Apache Hive partitioning, bucketing, map join, skewed data, vectorization & denormalization interview Q&As

This extends Apache Hive basics interview questions & answers. Q76. What are the 3 key considerations in processing data in HDFS compared to traditional RDBMS or EDW (i.e. Enterprise Data…

10 Apache Hive scenarios interview Q&As on backup, repair, partition, drop, etc

Q01: How do you back up an external with Data? A01 You can use CTAS (i.e. CREATE TABLE AS SELECT ) statement as shown below.

13: Q98 – Q104 Apache Hive Basics Interview questions & answers

Q98. What is Hive?
A98. Hive is used for accessing and analyzing data in Hadoop using SQL syntax. It is known as the HiveQL.

Q99. What is the difference between Hive internal tables & external tables?
A99. When you drop an internal table, it drops the data, and it also drops the schema (i.e…

Apache Hive for Slowly Changing Dimension (i.e. SCD) interview Q&As

Q1. What is a Slowly Changing Dimension (i.e. SCD)? A1. SCD means the dimensions that change slowly over time, rather than changing on regular basis. For example, change in customer…

Q01 – Q07 Scenarios Based Hive Interview Q&As

Q1. Given you have a Hive table partitioned by ship_type where the ship_type can be DIRECT or PICK_UP. The last job run to populate the DIRECT shipment data for the…

Q08- Q12 Scenarios Based Hive Query Language (i.e. HQL) Interview Q&As

This extends Q01 – Q07 Scenarios Based Hive Query Language (i.e. HQL) Interview Q&As. Q08. When you have a requirement to replicate all the data from a particular source table…

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