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00: Python dynamic typing, module Vs package and Class Vs Object interview Q&As

Python is a very popular interpreted programming language with the features like strongly typed, dynamically typed, object oriented (i.e. polymorphism, inheritance & encapsulation) & supports functional programming. Also,

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01: Python Iterators, Generators & Decorators interview Q&As & Tutorial

Assumes that Python3 is installed as described in Getting started with Python.

1. Iterators

Iterators don’t compute the value of each item when instantiated. They only compute it when you ask for it.

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02: Python comprehensions interview Q&As & tutorial

Q. What is a comprehension?
A. Comprehensions are constructs that allow sequences to be built from other sequences. Python 2.0 introduced list comprehensions and Python 3.0 comes with dictionary,

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03: Python context manager interview Q&As & tutorial

Q. What is a Python context manager?
A. The most common use of context managers is to properly manage resources. Context managers are a way of allocating and releasing some sort of resource exactly where you need it.

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04: In Python functions are objects tutorial

Q. Are functions objects in Python? A. Yes. In Python, a function is an object of type function. A function being an object means it is possible to pass a...

05: Python debugging tutorial

Q. How would you go about debugging Python code? A. Firstly, import pdb Secondly, use “pdb.set_trace()” … Read more ›...

06: Object introspection in Python tutorial

Q1. What is an Object introspection? A1. It is the ability to determine type & properties of objects at runtime. Everything in Python is an object. … Read more ›...

07: Python dictionary tutorial

Q1. What is a dictionary in Python? A1. A dictionary is a general-purpose data structure for storing a group of objects as a set of keys and each key has...

08: Python Data modelling tutorial – Dunder or Magic Methods, Duck Typing & Protocols

Q1. What is Python data modelling? A1. Objects are Python’s abstraction for data. All data in a Python program is represented by objects or by relations between objects. … Read...

09: Python working with String tutorial

Strings in Python can be defined using either single or double quotations as they are functionally equivalent. In addition, it is possible to define multi-line strings using a triple-quote syntax:...

10: Python working with collections tutorial

Python’s general purpose built-in containers are dict ( E.g. {‘a’:1, ‘b’:2, ‘c’:3} ), list ( E.g. [1,2,3,4] ), set ( E.g. … Read more ›...

11: Python *args and **kwargs tutorial

*args and **kwargs are mostly used in function definitions. *args and **kwargs allow you to pass a variable number of arguments to a function. … Read more ›...

12: Python enumerate vs zip interview Q&As and tutorial

Use of enumerate & zip are pythonic way of coding. Very common in Python job interviews & code reviews by your seniors or peers. enumerate to iterate over a list...

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