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00: 13 Data Warehouse interview Q&As – Fact Vs Dimension, CDC, SCD, etc

Q1. What is dimensional modelling in a Data Warehouse (i.e. DWH)?
A1. A dimensional model is a data structure technique optimised for Data Warehousing tools (i.e. OLAP products). The concept of Dimensional Modelling is comprised of Fact and Dimension tables.

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05: ETL & ELT architecture interview Q&As

Q1. What is an ETL process? A1. ETL is a architectural style, and it stands for Extract, Transform and Load. Extract does the process of reading data from an input data source like file, database, etc. … Read more ›...

Data categories in Data warehouse & Data lake

Q01. What are the different types of data that get stored in a data lake or data warehouse? A01. An enterprise stores different types of data. #1. Transactional Data Transactional data describes business events like placing an order. Example 1: If you take a Telecom service provider there could be...

Straight Through Processing, OLTP, Data warehousing & OLAP

Large mission critical applications use Straight Through Processing, and these systems need to be highly scalable. So, when you apply for these high paying jobs, it really pays to prepare for your job interviews with the following questions and answers. Q. What is Straight Through Processing (STP)? … Read more...

Java Interview FAQs

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