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12 Amazon Redshift interview Q&As

Q1. What is Amazon Redshift? A1. Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. You can start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data and scale to a petabyte or more. This enables you to use your data to acquire new insights for your...

18 Amazon S3 interview Q&As

Q01. What is Amazon S3 storage? A01. S3 stands for Simple Storage Service, which provides storage through web service interfaces. Unlike the other storage systems like Unix file system, HDFS (i.e. Hadoop Distributed File System), etc which are based on having folders and files, the S3 is based on a...

18: Q121 – Q124 Choosing between HDFS & AWS S3 for BigData projects interview Q&As

More and more organisations are adopting the policy of “Cloud first architecture” where Cloud based storages like AWS S3 plays a major role. A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured raw data in its native format (aka pristine condition). …...

21: Q138 – Q142 AWS data lakes overview Interview Q&As

Q138. What are the basic considerations when building a data lake on an AWS platform?

1. Ingestion into S3 (i.e. Simple Storage Service) from different source systems. E.g. csv/xml/json files extracted from source systems, streamed data from source systems via message queues/topics,

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5 Amazon EMR Vs. Cloudera interview Q&As

Q1. What is Amazon EMR? A1. EMR stands for Elastic Map Reduce, which is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool for big data processing and analysis. Amazon EMR offers elastic, cost-effective, and expandable low-configuration service as an alternative to running an on premise or EC2 cloude based Hadoop cluster (E.g....

Amazon Athena, Redshift, Redshift spectrum & EMR Presto Q&As

Q1. What is AWS Athena? What are its capabilities? A1. Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyse data in Amazon S3 buckets using standard SQL. Athena is server-less, so there is no infrastructure to manage, … Read more ›...

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