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01: Docker tutorial with Java & Maven

Pre-requisite: Docker is installed on your machine for Mac OS X (E.g. $ brew cask install docker) or Windows 10. Docker interview Q&As.

Step 1: Create a Java project “

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01: Getting started with Apache Kafka on Mac tutorial

Prerequisite This tutorial assumes that Java 8 is installed. You check this with

If Java is not installed, you can install it on Mac with:

Note: If you are using windows,

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01: Getting started with Python on Mac OS

Python is popular in Big Data & data science projects. This tutorial outlines the basic steps to get started with Python on Mac OS.

1. Install Xcode

Xcode can be installed via Apple appstore.

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01: Installing & getting started with Apache Storm on Cloudera quickstart

Step 1: Download latest version of Storm (E.g. apache-storm-1.1.1.tar.gz) from On Cloudera machine it will be downloaded to the folder “/home/cloudera/Downloads”. Step 2: Create a directory named “/opt/storm” …...

01: Lambda, Kappa & Delta Data Architectures Interview Q&As – Overview

Q1. What is the Lambda Architecture? A1. It is a data-processing architecture designed to handle Big Data by using both real-time streaming (e.g. … Read more ›...

01: Learn Hadoop API by examples in Java

These Hadoop tutorials assume that you have installed Cloudera QuickStart, which has the Hadoop eco system like HDFS, Spark, Hive, HBase, YARN, etc.

What is Hadoop &

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01: Python Iterators, Generators & Decorators Tutorial

Assumes that Python3 is installed as described in Getting started with Python.

1. Iterators

Iterators don’t compute the value of each item when instantiated. They only compute it when you ask for it.

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01: Q01 – Q07 General Big Data, Data Science & Data Analytics Interview Q&As

Q01. How is Big Data used in industries?
A01. The main goal for most organisations is to enhance customer experience, and consequently increase sales. The other goals include cost reduction,

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01: Scala Functional Programming basics – pure functions, referential transparency & side effects

Q1. What is a pure function?
A1. A pure function is a function where the following conditions are met:

1) The Input solely determines the output.

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01: Spark RDD joins in Scala tutorial

This tutorial extends Setting up Spark and Scala with Maven.

Step 1: Let’s take a simple example of joining a student to department.

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