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02: Simple Apache Storm application running inside Eclipse in a local cluster

Step 1: Create a Java project with Maven Step 2: Open eclipse and import it as an existing maven project by clicking File –> … Read more ›...

02: Simple Apache Storm application running on a single node local cluster

This extends Installing & getting started with Apache Storm on Cloudera quickstart and Simple Apache Storm application running inside Eclipse in a local cluster to run the same example in...

02: Spark on Zeppelin – read a file from local file system

Pre-requisite: Docker is installed on your machine for Mac OS X (E.g. $ brew cask install docker) or Windows 10. Docker interview Q&As. This extends setting up Apache Zeppelin Notebook.

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02: Spark RDD grouping with groupBy & cogroup in Scala tutorial

This Spark tutorial extends Spark RDD joins in Scala tutorial and Setting up Spark and Scala with Maven. Step 1: Let’s take a simple example of joining a student to...

02: Spark tutorial – reading a file from HDFS

This extends Spark tutorial – writing a file from a local file system to HDFS.

This tutorial assumes that you have set up Cloudera as per “cloudera quickstart vm tutorial installation” YouTube videos that you can search Google or YouTube.

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02. Installing & getting started with Cloudera QuickStart on VMWare for windows in 17 steps

Prerequisite: At least 12GB+ RAM (i.e. 4GB+ for operating system & 8GB+ for Cloudera), although 16 GB+ is preferred. 80GB Hard Disk. Cloudera runs on CentOS,

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02. Setting up Scala IDE & using Maven plugins for Java developers

This extends Setting up Java, Maven & Eclipse and Setting up Scala & practicing the concepts via REPL the Scala way for Java developers. Step 1: Scala IDE is an...

02a: Learn Spark writing to Avro using Avro IDL

What is Avro IDL? Avro IDL (i.e. Interface Description Language) is a high-level language to write Avro schemata. You can generate Java, C++, and Python objects from the Avro IDL...

02B: Scala FP basics: Explain the below Scala code

Q. Can you explain the concepts used in the below code? Output: A. The above code runs the function “(x:Int) =x + 2” … Read more ›...

03: Apache Kafka Connector Tutorial

This extends the Getting started with Apache Kafka on Mac tutorial. Kafka works with different kinds of data sources like file, JDBC, … Read more ›...

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