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20 Groovy closure interview Q&As with examples

Method Vs. Closure Q1. What are the differences between a method and a closure? A1. Both methods and closures add behavior, and they basically have a block of code containing…

9 Groovy meta programming interview Q&As

Q1. Is Groovy a dynamic programming language? What does “dynamic programming” mean? A1. Yes, Groovy is a dynamic programming language, and the meta programming is the one that gives this…

Cash balance Groovy coding questions & answers

Q1. Can the following code be further improved?

Groovy method chaining for DSL explained

One of the uses of Groovy is as a DSL (Domain Specific Language). Let’s go through a very simple example step by step. Where are Groovy DSLs used? Gradle is…

Q1 – Q5 Groovy basics interview Q&A

Q1. What are the key features of Groovy?
A1. Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language aimed at rapid development.

Groovy = Java – verbosity
+ Dynamic Typing (mostly)
+ Closures (instead of Anonymous classes) -> Reusuable & assignable piece of code
+ Domain Specific Language (DSL)
+ Builders
+ Meta Programming
+ Groovy Development Kit
+ Operators can be overloaded


Q6 – Q10 Groovy basics interview Q&A

This extends Groovy basics interview questions and naswers Q6. What is the difference between using double quotes and single quotes in Grovvy for the strings? A6. Double quotes are a…

Sum grades Groovy coding questions & answers

Q1. Given the following grades, can you write Groovy code to sum the grades? A1. inject(0) initializes the result to 0. Each grade is then added to the result. The…

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