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12+ FX or Forex Trading questions & answers

Q1. What do you understand by the terms symbol and currency pairs in relation to FX trading?
A1. Every traded instrument has a “symbol”. For example, in stocks “IBM” is a symbol and you can buy or sell “IBM” stocks. In the FIX protocol, the symbol is represented by tag number “55”.…

15 Banking & finance domain knowledge interview Q&As

The investment banks and financial organizations do pay a very competitive remunerations and many of you aspire to work for such organizations. Here are a  few questions and answers on…

Accounting domain knowledge on Credits Vs Debits interview Q&As

Q1. What do you understand by the terms Debit & Credit? A1. Debit is abbreviated as DR & Credit is abbreviated as CR, and form the building blocks of accounting….

800+ Java & Big Data Interview Q&As

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