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01: 12+ Git Source control must know basics interview Q&As

Q1. How does Git differ from SVN? A1. #1. Git is a distributed source control system meaning that there will be multiple client repositories. SVN is one repository with lots of clients. … Read more ›...

01: 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on identifying & deleting duplicate records

15+ SQL interview questions and answers to solve real business scenarios. SQL is widely used in building microservices & Big Data projects. Learning SQL syntax is easy, but being able to convert a given business requirement into a query takes lots of practice. These scenarios based interview questions can assesses your experience.

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02: 15 key considerations for low latency Java

Extends Writing low latency applications in Java interview Q&As. If the job description says “low latency” application, then be prepared. Even if “low latency” experience is not a requirement, all employers like candidates who can not only build systems that perform well, but also can stress test (e.g. … Read...

02: 5 Java multithreading scenarios interview Questions & Answers

Java interview questions & answers on multithreading scenarios to judge your experience in building applications with concurrency in mind.

Q1. Can you give some scenarios where you built concurrent systems?
A1. In a concurrent system different threads run concurrently,

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02: 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on joins, CDC and recursive CTE

This extends 50+ SQL scenarios based interview questions answered on identifying & deleting duplicate records. Q01 When you have a table that maintains history of record updates, how will you go about retrieving the latest records? A01 The CDC (i.e. … Read more ›...

03: 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on familiarising various features

This extends 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on joins, CDC and recursive CTE. Q01 In What order the SELECT SQL statements are executed? A01 Here is the the order in which the SQL statements are evaluated. 1) FROM (including JOIN, … Read more ›...

05: Q19-Q24 How to create a well designed Java application?

A software application is built by coupling various classes, modules, and components. Without coupling, you can’t build a software system. But, the software applications are always subject to changes and enhancements. So, you need to build your applications such a way that they can not only adapt to growing requirements,...

1. Asynchronous processing in Java real life examples – part-1

The scenario based questions are very popular with the job interviewers, and some scenario based questions are related to decoupling and asynchronous (aka non-blocking) processing in Java with message queues/topics, database tables where one process inserts data and another process consumes the inserted data, and Future objects in Java multi-threading....

10 ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagrams) Interview Q&As

Q01. Can you describe a business domain of a Telecom company offering multiple services to its customers? A01. A Telecom company will have entities such as Customer, Account, Subscriptions & Products representing a business domain. 1) Each customer entity has a name, … Read more ›...

11 “In your Java experience” interview questions & answers

Q1. In your Java experience, what are some of the common dilemmas you face when writing unit tests? A1. Whether to fix the code or the test. When you write unit tests, sometimes you feel compelled to change your code just to facilitate the test. … Read more ›...

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