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03: 9 Core Java Concepts you can’t afford to not know

Q1. How will you go about explaining the following Java concepts to a beginner who is starting to learn Java? 1. Process Vs Threads 2. Heap versus Stack 3. Local variables versus instance variables 4. How do threads communicate with each other? 5. … Read more ›...

04: Top 10 most common Core Java beginner mistakes

Mistake #1: Using floating point data types like float or double for monetary calculations. This can lead to rounding issues. In the above code, 2, 4, and 5 are correct and 1 and 3 are incorrect usage leading to rounding issues. … Read more ›...

17 Java getting started interview questions and answers

These 17 beginner Java interview questions & answers are not only for the entry level job interviews, but also get a good grasp of the beginner level Java concepts.

Q1. Why use Java?
A1. Java is a very popular language as per the TIOBE index.

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Free Java & Resume Writing PDF Downloads

People more often buy the best advertised product than the best product. The same is true in marketing your personal services. If you want to market a product successfully, you must know the product. Many of you do not think in a marketing oriented way when it comes to selling...

Java Compile-time Vs Run-time Interview Q&As

During development and design, one needs to think in terms of compile-time, run-time, and build-time. It will also help you understand the fundamentals better. These are beginner to intermediate level questions.


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800+ Java Interview Q&As

Java & Big Data Tutorials