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03: 9 Core Java Concepts you can’t afford to not know

Q1. How will you go about explaining the following Java concepts to a beginner who is starting to learn Java? 1. Process Vs Threads 2. Heap versus Stack 3. Local variables versus instance variables 4. How do threads communicate with each other? 5. … Read more ›...

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04: Top 10 most common Core Java beginner mistakes

Mistake #1: Using floating point data types like float or double for monetary calculations. This can lead to rounding issues.

In the above code, 2, 4, and 5 are correct and 1 and 3 are incorrect usage leading to rounding issues.

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06: Java 9 to 20 features interview Q&As – NullPointerExceptions & new String methods

Q01: How does Java 14+ improve on ubiquitous NullPointerException?
A01: Prior to Java 14, it is harder to find the root cause of the exception. Often you have to debug with break points to identify which variable is null. The JVM will print out only the method,

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17 Java getting started interview questions and answers

These 17 beginner Java interview questions & answers are not only for the entry level job interviews, but also get a good grasp of the beginner level Java concepts.

Q1. Why use Java?
A1. Java is a very popular language as per the TIOBE index.

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Java Compile-time Vs Run-time Interview Q&As

During development and design, one needs to think in terms of compile-time, run-time, and build-time. It will also help you understand the fundamentals better. These are beginner to intermediate level questions.


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