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03: Tree traversal algorithms in Java

Q1. What are the different binary tree traversal mechanisms? A1. Traversing a tree means visiting all the nodes of a tree in order. Many different binary tree algorithms involve traversals. For example, if you wish to count the number of employees in an organizational chart you must visit each node....

Java coding practice problems – prime and powerful

There is no other way to pass the Java coding tests other than practicing. I have failed Java coding tests due to lack of practice. How often do you get work with tree and graph data structures? Ho often do you work with algorithms?

50+ Java coding practice problems Links:

Can you write code in Java?

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Searching algorithms in Java

This assumes that you understand “Swapping, partitioning, and sorting algorithms in Java“. Q1. Can you write a code to search for number 5 in 7 3 6 8 2 9 5 4? A1. The code below uses the linear search algorithm. … Read more ›...

Splitting input text & string processing coding Q&A

Q1. Can you write code to extract numbers from a given input text and return the sum of those numbers? Example: “1 some text 2 more text 4 more text 8” should return 15 as the sum. A The key steps are: 1. … Read more ›...

Swapping, partitioning, and sorting algorithms in Java

Q1. Can you write an algorithm in Java to swap two variables? A1. Q2. Can you write an algorithm to bubble sort the following array { 30, 12, 18, 0, -5, 72, 424 }?? … Read more ›...

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