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02: JDBC with MySQL, Datasource, and connection pool Tutorial

Step 1: pom.xml file with commons-dbcp2 for the connection pooling and abstraction layer for the datasource. for connection details

Step 2: Create a new source folder “src/main/resources”.

Step 3: Define the MySQL database “learnjavadb” connection properties in a new file named “”

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12 FAQ JDBC interview Q&As

Q1. What are JDBC Statements? What are different types of statements? How can you create them? A1. A statement object is responsible for sending the SQL statements to the Database. Statement objects are created from the connection object and then executed. The types of statements are: Statement (regular statement as...

JDBC NamedParameterStatement versus PreparedStatement

Q. When will you use NamedParameterStatement over PreparedStatement?

Reason 1:  PreparedStatement uses anonymous parameters that are accessed by index, which is ok when you have 2 or 3 parameters,

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JDBC Overview Interview Questions and Answers

Q01. What is JDBC? How do you connect to a database?
A01. JDBC stands for Java DataBase Connectivity. It is an API which provides easy connection to a wide range of databases.

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Spring, JavaConfig (i.e @Configuration) & JDBC by example

Example #1 Wiring JDBC Datasource application.yml where the datasource properties are read. Example #2 Wiring JDBC Datasource with JNDI Example #3 Wiring JDBC Embedded Datasource for integration testing Example #4 Wiring up the JdbcTemplate by passing in the datasource Example #5 Wiring up a DAO class that uses the JdbcTemplate...

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