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00: 25+ SQL beginner interview questions & answers

SQL interview Questions & Answers is a must for any developer as all non-trivial applications need to talk to a database with CRUD operations. Q3 – Q15 are very popular with the interviewers. If you want to quickly practice your SQL skills try DB Fiddle or install MySQL locally as shown in the ⏯ MySQL database beginner video tutorial.

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01: 12 Maven interview Questions & Answers

Q1. What is the difference between snapshot versions and release versions? A1. The term “SNAPSHOT” means the build is a snapshot of your code at a given time, which means downloading 1.0-SNAPSHOT today might give a different file than downloading it tomorrow or day after. … Read more ›...

01: 12+ Git Source control must know basics interview Q&As

Q1. How does Git differ from SVN? A1. #1. Git is a distributed source control system meaning that there will be multiple client repositories. SVN is one repository with lots of clients. … Read more ›...

01: 14 Unix must-know interview Q&As

Q1 How do you remove the Control-M characters from a file? A1 Using the sed command that replaces Control-M with nothing Note: The ^M is typed on the command line with ctrl+v and ctrl+M Q2 How will you search for a property named “inbox” … Read more ›...

01: 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on identifying & deleting duplicate records

15+ SQL interview questions and answers to solve real business scenarios. SQL is widely used in building microservices & Big Data projects. Learning SQL syntax is easy, but being able to convert a given business requirement into a query takes lots of practice. These scenarios based interview questions can assesses your experience.

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01: JavaScript Vs Java interview Q&As

The client-side JavaScript based MVW (Model View Whatever) frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, CanJS, Ember, etc have become mainstream and replacing server side Java based frameworks like JSF, Struts, Spring MVC. So, time to get a better handle on JavaScript and market yourself as a full stack Java developer. … Read...

01: Networking basics interview Q&As on ip address, subnet mask, DNS & gateway

Q. Do software developers & Architects need to know networking?
A. The answer is Yes for both, but architects must know certain concepts more than the developers. Architects need to liaise with network, cloud, dev ops, and site engineers.

Networking is a very vast subject.

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02: 50+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As on joins, CDC and recursive CTE

This extends 50+ SQL scenarios based interview questions answered on identifying & deleting duplicate records. Q01 When you have a table that maintains history of record updates, how will you go about retrieving the latest records? A01 The CDC (i.e. … Read more ›...

02: 6 More Git interview Q&As

Extending 8 Git Source control system interview questions & answers. Q1. What do you understand by the term patch or pull request? A1. A patch means change sets you want to communicate and apply to another repository. Nowadays, the GitHub “pull request” makes it really easy to apply patches on...

02: 7 More Maven interview Questions & Answers

Q1. How will you go about creating master builds or releases using Maven? A1. Step 1: Log into the server that has maven set up to perform release builds. Step 2: You need to checkout the fresh copy of the artifacts that you are going to build. … Read more...

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