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20+ Maven plugins listed for an enterprise Java (i.e. a JEE) project

In Maven, there are build and the reporting plugins. Build plugins will be executed during the build, and they should be configured in the “build” element.

What is a “Plugin Architecture”?

In this architecture, a core application defines an interface,

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Creating a Maven profile to compile using a different JDK version tutorial

Profiles are very handy in maven to use different JDK versions, include different files for different environments, etc.

Step 1: Say you have a pom.xml file using Java 7 to compile.

Step 2: Say now you want to compile using Java 1.5.

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Maven assembly & Shade plugins examples & uber jar creation

Maven assembly plugin is primarily intended to allow users to aggregate the project output along with its dependencies, modules, site documentation, and other files into a single distribution archive like zip, tar, tar.gz, war, etc. Another example where this is handy is to create deployable files for different environments like,

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Maven assembly plugin examples

This extends the Maven assembly plugin with additional examples to create an assembly by controlling what artifacts get included in the archive.

Example 1: dev-assembly.xml

The datasource and properties files are packaged for DEV environment.

Example 2: dev-assembly.xml

Control what maven dependency jars and class files are included in the archive.

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Part 1: Creating an empty multi module maven project structure

Enterprise projects will have multi maven modules.

Step 1: Create simple-app-parent is a package of type “pom”

press “Y” for all the questions.

Step 2: cd into your newly created root dir “simple-app-parent”

Step 3: Create a child module “simple-app-service”,

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