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Is the effort you expend on Java certification worth the results?

If you expect to land your dream developer job simply by having a Java certification then it is probably a naive thinking. Preparing for the exam makes you learn the language basics, and keeps you motivated in getting the certification. The real world out there is quite different and requires the programmer mindset to solve problems by asking the right questions and much needed soft skills &

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What is the true value of a Java certification to a prospective employer?

Certifications are a great personal achievement. But the true value of a Java certification to a prospective employer is not the certificate you receive, but your ability to apply what you had learned and the steps you take to achieve your certification(s) — set goals, learn, research, and practice and the qualities you exhibit like commitment,

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Why & What are the benefits

🎯 Why

🎯 What are the benefits of Q&As approach?

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