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00: Top 50+ Core Java interview questions & answers for 1 to 3 years experience

Top 50 core Java interview questions covering Java core concepts with diagrams, code, examples, and scenarios. If you don’t get these Java interview questions right, you will not be getting an offer.

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00: Top 50+ Core Java interview questions answered – Q11 to Q23

The focus is on Java OOP interview questions and answers. Q11. What is the difference between constructors and other regular methods? A11. Constructors must have the same name as the...

00: Top 50+ Core Java interview questions answered – Q24 to Q36

Focus is on Java classes, interfaces and generics the interview questions and answers style. Java classes and interfaces are the building blocks. Q24. … Read more ›...

00: Top 50+ Core Java interview questions answered – Q37 to Q42

As a Java developer, you may not need to know how the JVM works, but the most important topic that you must know is Java Garbage Collection. How the Garbage...

00: Top 50+ Core Java Interview questions answered – Q43 to Q54

Q43. What can you tell about the performance of a HashMap compared to a TreeMap? Which one would you prefer? A43. … Read more ›...

01: 15+ Java multithreading interview questions & answers

Multithreading is one of the important features of Java, and multithreading interview Q&As can reveal a lot about your depth of core Java knowledge. Most importantly, it is not easy to grasp multithreading concepts without lots of hands-on experience.

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02: 10 Java String class interview Q&As

Java Collection interview questions and answers and Java String class interview questions and answers are must know for any Java developer as these two APIs are the most frequently used in your Java application code.

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02: 5 Java multithreading scenarios interview Questions & Answers

Java interview questions & answers on multithreading scenarios to judge your experience in building applications with concurrency in mind. Q1. Can you give some scenarios where you built concurrent systems?...

03: 7 Things you must know about Java locks and synchronized key word

7 Things you must know about Java locks and synchronized key word summarizes the key basics. #1. Each Java class and object (i.e. … Read more ›...

03: Understanding Big O notations with Java

Q1.  Have  you seen job advertisements requiring Java candidates to work in real-time or high volume transaction processing systems? A1.  If you are applying for such jobs, … Read more ›...

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