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01: 15+ Java multithreading interview questions & answers

Multithreading is one of the important features of Java, and multithreading interview Q&As can reveal a lot about your depth of core Java knowledge. Most importantly, it is not easy to grasp multithreading concepts without lots of hands-on experience.

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01: 19 Java 8 Functional Programming (FP) Interview Q&As

Java 8 Functional Programming Interview questions focusing on FP. Getting a good handle on Java OOP concepts and FP concepts are very important NOT only from writing quality code perspective,

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01: 7 rules to remember on Java Generics for better understanding

Here are 7 rules to remember regarding Java Generics to understand Generics and handle interview and coding questions on Core Java. Object <– Fruit <– (Orange, Mango,… Read more ›...

01: Java 8 FP interview Q&As on Function, Supplier, Consumer & Predicate

The java.util.function package provides the below functional interfaces. These are used in lambda functions & saves you time by you not having to create your own. You will often find...

01: Java 9+ modules interview Q&As

Q01. What is a module in Java?
A01. You can think of the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) as a higher level of aggregation above packages.

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01: Java data types interview Q&As

Q1. How would you go about choosing the right data types for your application?
A1. Java is what is known as a strongly typed language.

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01: jvisualvm tutorial to sample Java heap memory

Java does not have a sizeof operator like C++ does. Java uses automatic memory management known as the Garbage Collection, hence it is not that important to evaluate size of...

01: OOP vs FP with Java example – placing a trade

A Trade goes through 3 state changes – placed, filled, and settled. Let’s solve this simple problem using both OOP & FP approaches.

Place –>

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02: 10 Java String class interview Q&As

Java Collection interview questions and answers and Java String class interview questions and answers are must know for any Java developer as these two APIs are the most frequently used in your Java application code.

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02: 5 Java multithreading scenarios interview Questions & Answers

Java interview questions & answers on multithreading scenarios to judge your experience in building applications with concurrency in mind. Q1. Can you give some scenarios where you built concurrent systems?...

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