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01: 30+ Java architect interview questions & answers – Part 1

One of the very frequently asked open-ended interview questions for anyone experienced is: Can you describe the high-level architecture of a recent application you had worked on?

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01: Q07 – Q12 Microservices Interview questions & answers

60+ microservices interview questions & answers covering Spring boot, Spring cloud, and microservices design patterns. If you are an enterprise Java developer, then most likely you will be developing Microservices using Spring boot.

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02: 30+ Java architect interview questions & answers – Part 2

This extends Q01: 7+ Java Architectural Patterns Interview Q&As – Part 1. Q2. How does a Java EE application integrate with other systems? … Read more ›...

03: 30+ Java architect interview questions & answers – Part 3

Continuation of Java architecture interview Q&As – part 1 & 7+ Java architectural patterns interview Q&As – Part 2. Q3. Can you discuss some of the high level architectures you...

03: How would you go about designing an online shopping cart?

This question is a very popular white board session question for both Java architects and experienced JEE Developers. You need to draw on your experience to tackle this question as...

04: How to go about designing a medium size JEE app?

A very popular open-ended question to judge your Java/JEE experience. Q. How would you go about designing a medium sized JEE application? A. … Read more ›...

06: Web design patterns MVC2, MVP, MVVM & MVW

Q1. What’s wrong with Servlets? What is a JSP? What is it used for? What do you know about model 0 (aka MVC0), model 1 (aka MVC1) and model 2...

10+ Key Java Microservices Interview Questions & Answers

Java microservices interview questions and answers covering microservices patterns, best practices, Springboot and Spring cloud . Q1. How will you go about choosing REST vs Messaging for Microservices? … Read...

8 JEE (i.e. Java EE) Overview interview Q&As

This is JEE from a 10,000 feet before diving into details of each technology.

Q1. When a company requires Java EE experience, what are they really asking for?

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Multi-tenant Architecture Interview Q&As

Q1. What is a multi-tenant architecture? A1. A “tenant” in cloud computing is a single customer or to be more specific a group of users who share a common access...

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