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03: How would you go about designing an online shopping cart?

This question is a very popular white board session question for both Java architects and experienced JEE Developers. You need to draw on your experience to tackle this question as there are no right or wrong answers. These high level diagrams and summary will help you refresh your memory. Q....

18 Java scenarios based interview Q&As for the experienced – Part 1

Q01. Scenario: You need to load stock exchange security codes from a database and cache them for performance. The security codes need to be refreshed say every 30 minutes. This cached data needs to be populated and refreshed by a single writer thread and read by several reader threads.

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18 Java scenarios based interview Q&As for the experienced – Part 2

This extends 18 Java scenarios based interview Q&As for the experienced – Part 1 Q09. Scenario: You have a number of applications like cash, mortgages, investments, etc where a user has to login separately into each system. For example, a user with all 3 products has to log in 3...

3 key “How would you go about …” Q&As to judge Java experience

Q1. How would you go about judging the code quality of other developers? A1. 1) Code written with unit tests and progressively re-factored where necessary to make it more maintainable, testable, and readable. 2) Unit tests need to be written properly — … Read more ›...

How to become a software architect?

In industry specific forums, I often see questions like “what certification do I need to do to become an architect?”.  The simple answer is that you don’t need a certification to become an architect. It may help, but it takes a lot more to become an architect.

You can’t just only study to become an architect.

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SDLC process interview Q&As

No right or wrong answers. The depth and quality of the answers will can prove your seniority and experience. Q1. What are the SDLC activities you perform as a Java developer? A1. Don’t get overwhelmed by this activities list. This proves why employers favor experience to just academic qualifications alone....

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