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03: 21+ Java Servlet interview Q&As

Q1. What is a Servlet? Is a Servlet inherently multi-threaded? A1. A Servlet is a Java class that runs within a web container in an application server, servicing multiple client requests concurrently forwarded through the server and the web container. The web browser establishes a socket connection to the host...

03: JAX-RS how to create a RESTFul Web Service in Java?

Q. What are the high level steps in developing a RESTful web service in Java?
A. You can see the complete tutorial in the tutorials section. This post is to quickly explain the major steps at the job interview. Knowing all the basics is of no use if you can’t write a web service.

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03: Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a spring boot microservice app

This extends Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a node js service. Docker containers & Kubernetes for deploying Spring Boot microservices. As mentioned earlier in Kubernetes, Docker & Microservices interview Questions & Answers. Docker gives you application isolation, and solves the dependency hell issues. … Read more ›...

04: 5 JAXB interview Questions & Answers

JAXB interview Questions & Answers Links: 6 Java RESTful Web services Interview | 11 SOAP Web service interview | Java Web Services interview Questions & Answers Q1. What does JAXB stand for? What is an XML Binding? A1. … Read more ›...

04: 7 JSP interview questions and answers

JSF or JavaScript based frameworks like angularjs, ember, etc are more popular than JSPs for web developemnt. Q1. What is a JSP? How does it differ from a Servlet? A1. JSP stands for Java Server Pages. JSP technology extends the Servlet technology, which means anything you can do with a...

05: REST Service URI conventions with Spring MVC

The high level pattern for the RESTful URI is http(s)://{version-no}/{domain}/{rest-reource-convetion} For example: http(s):// to list  … Read more ›...

05: Web patterns interview Q&A

Q1. What do you know about model 0, model 1 and model 2 MVC design patterns? A1. In the model 0 pattern, which is also known as the model-less pattern, business logic is embedded in the JSP pages. The model 0 pattern is fine for a very basic JSP page,...

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