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01: 7+ Java architectural patterns interview Q&As – Part 1

One of the very frequently asked open-ended interview questions for anyone experienced is:

Can you describe the high-level architecture of a recent application you had worked on?

⏯ Java based high-level architecture & Integration Styles Interview Q&As Video.

You will be asked:

1) to draw an architectural diagram on a white board and

2) to provide a brief description of the architecture,

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01: Q07 – Q12 Java Micro & Web services Interview Q&As

Covers “Debugging & troubleshooting a complex distributed system” & “Low latency between fine-grained services“, which are popular interview questions. Extends Java Web Services Basics Interview Q&As – Q01 – Q06. Q7. What is a microservice architecture (aka MSA)? … Read more ›...

02: 7+ Java architectural patterns interview Q&As – Part 2

This extends Q01: 7+ Java Architectural Patterns Interview Q&As – Part 1. Q2. How does a Java EE application integrate with other systems? A2. Using various protocols like HTTP(S), WebSocket, SOAP, AMQP, RMI, SFTP, TCP, SSH, FIX, proprietary protocols, … Read more ›...

03: 7+ Java architectural patterns interview Q&As – Part 3

Continuation of Java architecture interview Q&A with integration styles & architecture diagrams – part 1 Q3. Can you discuss some of the high level architectures you are experienced with? A3. Be prepared for a white board session on architectures, especially the bird’s eye view of the last application you had...

03: How would you go about designing an online shopping cart?

This question is a very popular white board session question for both Java architects and experienced JEE Developers. You need to draw on your experience to tackle this question as there are no right or wrong answers. These high level diagrams and summary will help you refresh your memory. Q....

04: How to go about designing a medium size JEE app?

A very popular open-ended question to judge your Java/JEE experience. Q. How would you go about designing a medium sized JEE application? A. Don’t start with 3-tier architecture, logical layers, Spring/Hibernate framework etc. The phases of designing any systems are: Requirements Gathering => … Read more ›...

10+ Key Microservices Interview Questions Answered

Q1. How will you go about choosing REST vs Messaging for Microservices? A1. Microservices can be invoked both synchronously and asynchronously. Microservices must be organized around business functionalities like Customers, Orders, Invoices, Products, etc. Synchronous Request/Response & public facing APIs REST is a great fit for request/response interactions as HTTP(S)...

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