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10+ Key Microservices Interview Questions Answered

Q1. How will you go about choosing REST vs Messaging for Microservices? A1. Microservices can be invoked both synchronously and asynchronously. Microservices must be organized around business functionalities like Customers, Orders, Invoices, Products, etc. Synchronous Request/Response & public facing APIs REST is a great fit for request/response interactions as HTTP(S)...

19: Q125 – Q130 Apache Zookeeper interview Q&As

Q125. What is Apache Zookeeper & where can you use it? A125. Distributed applications like HBase, Solr, etc run services on multiple nodes (i.e. computers) for scalability (i.e more nodes can be added) & redundancy (i.e. several nodes provide the same service & if one node is down another node...

5 Spark streaming & Apache storm Interview Q&As

Q116. What is “Spark streaming” in the Spark ecosystem with Spark core, Spark SQL, Spark MLlib, Spark GraphX, etc? A116. Spark is a distributed and scalable batch processing framework that supports in-memory processing in sub-seconds. The batch processes are scheduled with something like Oozie or Unix cron jobs to run...

6 Distributed storage & computing systems interview Q&As

Q1. What are the key requirements to be a distributed system?
A1. A distributed system must satisfy the following 3 characteristics.

1) The computers or nodes operate concurrently.

2) The computers or nodes fail independently,

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9 Java Transaction Management Interview Q&As

Q1. What is a Transaction? A1. A transaction is a set of operations that should be completed as a unit. If one operation fails then all the other operations fail as well. Example 1: If you transfer funds between two accounts there will be two operations in the set Operation...

Event sourcing & CQRS interview Q&As

Most feasible way to handle consistency across microservices is via eventual consistency. This model doesn’t enforce distributed ACID transactions across microservices. Event sourcing is an event-centric approach to business logic design and persistence. It favours to use some mechanisms of ensuring that the system would be eventually consistent at some...

Spring Cloud Microservices interview Q&As

This extends 15 Spring Boot interview questions & answers. Spring Boot & Spring Cloud are used for building Microservices architecture. Q1. What is Spring Cloud? A1. Spring Boot is widely used to develop MicroServices. As many organisations deploy these services on the cloud like AWS, … Read more ›...

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