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04: In Python functions are objects tutorial

Q. Are functions objects in Python?
A. Yes. In Python, a function is an object of type function. A function being an object means it is possible to pass a function object around as argument or as return value or to assign another name to the function object.

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04: Q6 – Q12 Scala FP currying, closures & partial functions interview Q&As

This extends Q1 – Q5 Scala Functional Programming basics interview questions & answers Q6. What is a curried function in Scala? A6. Currying is the technique of transforming a function with multiple arguments into a function with just one argument, … Read more ›...

04: Residuals, Cost/Loss functions, R-squared & Gradient Descent interview Q&As

Q01. What do you understand by the terms mean, variance, and standard deviation of the sample Vs. the population? A01. Given that the following are the number of job applications sent by 6 individuals: Where X is the Sample. … Read more ›...

05: Coding Scala Way – FP concepts

Example #13: Explain the concepts

Can you explain the Scala concepts applied in the following code snippets?

1. Higher Order Functions: Line 10” is a higher order function as the function returns another function i.e. List[T] =>

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05: ETL & ELT architecture interview Q&As

Q1. What is an ETL process? A1. ETL is a architectural style, and it stands for Extract, Transform and Load. Extract does the process of reading data from an input data source like file, database, etc. … Read more ›...

05: Linear regression outputs, null hypothesis, t-test & p-value interview Q&As

Q1. How do you produce & interpret Linear Regression output? A1. Scatter plots can only detect obvious relationships between variables by looking at the graph, but we can use statistics to comment about the variable relationships as outlined below. The link 11A: Databricks – Spark ML – Pandas Dataframe &...

05: Python debugging tutorial

Q. How would you go about debugging Python code?
A. Firstly, import pdb

Secondly, use “pdb.set_trace()” where ever you want the execution to pause as shown below with “” file.


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