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04: Can you think of a time where you …?

It really pays to jog your memory prior to job interviews to ace the open-ended questions like…… Q1. Can you think of a time where you accomplished QuickWins for your company? …

07: 20+ Pre interview refresher on tools

Experienced developers know what tools to use to get the job done. I often forget code quality tool names like Sonar, FindBugs, Crucible, etc, penetration testing tools like Skipfish, and ETL …

1 – 4 real life examples of Situation-Action-Result (i.e. SAR) technique

The SAR (Situation-Action-Result) technique is not only useful for writing great resumes, but also very useful for job interviews to tackle open questions like …

10+ Know your industry Q&As

Insights into what your prospective employers are looking for. What skills are required for you to go places? Do you know your industry well enough to impress your prospective employers?


15 Ice breaker Java interview Q&As asked 90% of the time

Most interviews start with this very question. This is an ice breaker interview question to ease nervousness. Starting job interviews with technical questions may cause more nervousness. To reduce nervousness, please …

5 – 8 real life examples of SAR technique

The open-ended questions give you a great opportunity to promote your strengths and accomplishments. SAR (Situation-Action-Result) technique examples. This extends 1 – 4 real life examples of SAR technique. Example 5: …

300+ Java Interview FAQs

800+ Java Interview Q&As