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Quick Sort in Java

Q. Is there a more efficient sorting algorithm than bubble sorting? A. Although bubble-sort is one of the simplest sorting algorithms, it’s also one of the slowest. … Read more...

Sorting by reversing the entries in Java

Q. You need to sort an array of integers by repeatedly reversing the order of the first several elements of it. you always have to flip from the beginning element,...

Swap 2 values & bubble sort in Java

Q1. Can you write an algorithm to swap two values? A1. Swapping without a temp variable Note: also try with * and \ Using bitwise “ … Read more ›...

Swapping, partitioning, and sorting algorithms in Java

Q1. Can you write an algorithm in Java to swap two variables? A1. Q2. Can you write an algorithm to bubble sort the following array { 30, … Read more...

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