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03: Tree traversal algorithms in Java

Q1. What are the different binary tree traversal mechanisms? A1. Traversing a tree means visiting all the nodes of a tree in order. Many different binary tree algorithms involve traversals….

Java coding practice problems – prime and powerful

There is no other way to pass the Java coding tests other than practicing. I have failed Java coding tests due to lack of practice. How often do you get work with tree and graph data structures? Ho often do you work with algorithms?

50+ Java coding practice problems Links:

Can you write code in Java?

Searching algorithms in Java

This assumes that you understand “Swapping, partitioning, and sorting algorithms in Java”. Q1. Can you write a code to search for number 5 in 7 3 6 8 2 9…

Splitting input text & string processing coding Q&A

Q1. Can you write code to extract numbers from a given input text and return the sum of those numbers? Example: “1 some text 2 more text 4 more text…

Swapping, partitioning, and sorting algorithms in Java

Q1. Can you write an algorithm in Java to swap two variables? A1.

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