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07: Java Iterable Vs Iterator differences and know how

Q1. What are the differences between Iterator<T> Vs Iterable<T>?
A1. The “Iterable” was introduced to be able to use in the “foreach” loop.

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17 FAQ Java Collection interview Q&As

Java Collections interview questions and answers and Java String class interview Q&As are must know as you can’t write any decent Java application without these 2 APIs. This post focuses...

Core Java Modifiers, Generics, and Annotations: differences

This post is for quick brush-up. These Q&A are discussed in detailed elsewhere in posts like Java modifiers interview Q&A/a| Java generics interview Q&A | Java annotations interview Q&A Q1....

Differences between Spring XML and Spring JavaConfig (@Configuration)

This is a good candidate to make it to the job interview discussions along the debate of checked Vs unchecked exceptions as the industry is split on this very topic....

Multithreading interview Q&As on differences between X and Y

Q1. What is difference between ‘Executor.submit()’ and ‘Executor.execute()’ method ? A1. The difference is that execute() doesn’t return a “Future” object, so you can’t wait for the completion of the...

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