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01: JavaScript Vs Java interview Q&As

The client-side JavaScript based MVW (Model View Whatever) frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, CanJS, Ember, etc have become mainstream and replacing server side Java based frameworks like JSF, … Read more...

02: JavaScript mistakes interview Q&As

Q1. What are the common JavaScript errors or bad practices that you have noticed? A1. 1) Not having proper namespaces and not using AMD (i.e. … Read more ›...

Q1 – Q10 JavaScript Q&As on scopes & context

You can try the code samples in this JavaScript interview questions and answers as follows:

1) In Goggle chrome or FireFox browser, you can bring up the developer tool with the “

Read more ›

Q11 – Q20 JavaScript Q&As on “this”

This builds on Q1 – Q10 JavaScript Interview Q&A on variable scopes & context Q11. What are the different ways can you define a function on JavaScript? … Read more...

Q21 – Q30 JavaScript Q&As on self-invoking & argument

Q21. What will be the output of the following JavaScript code? A21. The “module” is an object defined within “{….}”. It has a property “x” … Read more ›...

Q31 – Q37 JavaScript Interview Q&A on Closure

Q31. What is a Closure in JavaScript? A31. A closure is an “inner function” that has access to the “outer function’s” variables—scope chain. The closure has three scope chains: 1)...

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