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10: Getting started with MySQL database beginner tutorial

All Java developers not only must know “SQL”, but also a database is required for “JDBC tutorials”, “Hibernate Tutorials”, and so on. Any decent Java application will require a database.

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14+ SQL beginner interview Q&As

SQL interview Questions & Answers is a must for any developer as all non-trivial applications need to talk to a database with CRUD operations. Q3 – Q15 are very popular...

15 Database design interview Q&As

Q1. What is normalization? When to denormalize? A1. Normalization is a design technique that is widely used as a guide in designing relational databases. … Read more ›...

15+ SQL optimisation interview questions & answers with scenarios

1) Select fields instead of using SELECT *. The “*” is used as a short hand to query all available data from a table. … Read more ›...

15+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As – part 1

Q01 How will you go about identifying duplicate records in a table?
A01 This is a very popular interview question because there are many approaches,

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15+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As – Part 2

This extends Q01 – Q03 at 15+ SQL scenarios based interview questions answered. Q04 When you have a table that maintains history of record updates, … Read more ›...

15+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As – Part 3

This extends 15+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As – Part 2. Q07 In What order the SELECT SQL statements are executed? … Read more ›...

18 SQL best practices interview Q&As

It pays to understand the order of operations in SQL. This is demonstrated with an example below in #5, which is an absolute must know.

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Auditing database record changes in Oracle

Q. What are some of the considerations in auditing database table data? A. Creating audit tables without any constraints to store record changes. … Read more ›...

Common Table Expressions (i.e. CTE) in SQL using the “WITH” clause

Common Table Expressions or CTE’s for short are used in SQL to simplify complex joins and subqueries, and to provide a means to query hierarchical data such as an organisational...

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300+ Java Interview FAQs

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