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Unix history commands for Java developer productivity

When you are using Linux/Unix command line frequently, using the history effectively can be a major productivity boost. You can accomplish things with less typing. For example, you will be typing lots of commands like

Unix remoting interview Q&A for Java developers

Q1 How will you delete files that are older than 7 days in a remote unix server? A1 By ssh ing to the remote host server

Unix sed & awk commands in action

This extends sed and awk to write shell scripts for Java developers. sed & awk are very powerful tool for data engineers to transform text files. Here are a few examples. Q2 Can you explain the following Unix command?

Unix Sed commands for Java developers

sed (stream editor) is one of the powerful workhorse commands in UNIX. Recently I had to use it with “Git” and “Maven” to find text “SNAPSHOT” in all pom.xml files, and manually update them with a realease version like 1.0.2 without the suffix “SNAPSHOT”. Here is the …

Unix shell script to upload & download data between HDFS and edge node

In BigData projects relating to HDFS or AWS S3, it is common to have scripts that transfer or download data from HDFS to the local file system on an edge or gateway node with CLI commands like HDFS, AWS, etc. You also need to upload files from a local file… …

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Java developer & architect Q&As

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