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01: JDBC with MySQL Beginner Tutorial Step by Step

This assumes that MySQL database is setup as per the tutorial Getting started with MySQL database beginner tutorial and ⏯ MySQL database beginner video tutorial.

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01: jvisualvm tutorial to sample Java heap memory

Java does not have a sizeof operator like C++ does. Java uses automatic memory management known as the Garbage Collection, hence it is not that important to evaluate size of...

01: OOP vs FP with Java example – placing a trade

A Trade goes through 3 state changes – placed, filled, and settled. Let’s solve this simple problem using both OOP & FP approaches.

Place –>

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01: Q01 – Q07 Spring core interview Q&As

Spring interview questions are very common for the Java programmer jobs.

Q1. What do you understand by the terms Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP),

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01: Q07 – Q12 Java Micro & Web services Interview Q&As

Covers “Debugging & troubleshooting a complex distributed system” & “Low latency between fine-grained services“, which are popular interview questions. Extends Java Web Services Basics Interview Q&As – … Read more...

01: Q13 “12 Rules” for REST API design & development

These are more like rules to develop RESTFul web services as opposed to being the best practices. REST is an architectural style without any contracts or specifications. So, it is...

01: Scala Actors tutorial step by step

This assumes that you have set up Scala as per Setting up Scala IDE & using Maven plugins for Java developers.

Step 1: Add the “

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01: Simple Akka tutorial in Java step by step

Why use Akka? Akka handles all of the underlying threading complexities by allowing you to just focus on dividing your tasks into actors, defining messages to pass among actors,

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01: Simple Akka Tutorial in Scala step by step for the Java developers

Simple Akka Tutorial in Scala step by step with Maven. This is reactive programming in action, which is used for message driven interactions. This extends setting up Scala and Simple Akka tutorial in Java step by step

Step 1: Create a scala maven project named “

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01: Simple Spring Boot Tutorial in 8 steps

Assumes that your Java, Maven, and eclipse are set up as per: Setting up Java, Maven, and eclipse

Step 1: Create a simple maven project using the maven “archetype”

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