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02: JAXB with StAX Tutorial step by step for unmarshalling

This tutorial extends JAXB Tutorial for XML processing in Java step by step – unmarshall & marshall

When to use JAXB with StAX?

When you want to process large XML files,

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02: JDBC with MySQL, Datasource, and connection pool Tutorial

Step 1: pom.xml file with commons-dbcp2 for the connection pooling and abstraction layer for the datasource. for connection details

Step 2: Create a new source folder “src/main/resources”.

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02: jvisualvm to detect memory leak – a quick tutorial style Java demo

This is a companion post to 8 Java Memory Management Interview Q&A demonstrating a memory leak scenario step by step with jvisualvm, which is a free profiling tool that gets...

02: Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a node js service

This extends Install Kubernetes (i.e. minikube) on Mac. Project Structure Step 1: Create a new “project” foleder “minikube-js” under the projects folder. … Read more ›...

02: OOP vs FP with Java example – Conversion strategy pattern

Java code to convert given input values from KM to Meter, Meter to Centimetres, etc. OOP approach using the strategy design pattern Step 1: Define an interface. … Read more...

02: Simple Akka tutorial in Java with 2 Actors

This tutorial extends the previous tutorial Simple Akka tutorial in Java step by step to use multiple actors. Let’s have two different actors to handle odd and even numbers respectively....

02: Simple Akka tutorial in Scala with 2 Actors

This tutorial extends the previous tutorial Simple Akka Tutorial in Scala step by step for the Java developers, and Simple Akka tutorial in Java with 2 Actors.

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02: Simple Spring Boot Restful Web Service Tutorial

This tutorial extends Simple Spring Boot Tutorial in 8 steps. Step 1: The pom.xml file that was created in the previous Spring boot tutorial needs to be changed from “spring-boot-starter-actuator”...

02: Spring Cloud to register client with Eureka Discovery Server Tutorial

This extends Spring Cloud with Eureka Discovery Server Tutorial. Step 1: Go to to create a skeleton spring-boot application. Add Eureka Discovery Client and Server as shown below: Click...

02: Spring MVC form submission tutorial step by step

This tutorial extends Spring MVC beginner tutorial step by step.

Maven project structure
Model class to capture login form details

Step 1: Create a POJO “

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