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Java and JAXB Tutorial – Marshaling

This blog posts extends Java and JAXB tutorial: Unmarshalling.

Q. Can you create your Java objects from XSDs?
A. Yes, you can by binding a schema. Binding a schema …

Java and JAXB tutorial – unmarshalling

Q. What does JAXB stand for? What is an XML Binding?
A. JAXB means Java API for Xml Binding. XML binding maps an XML to in-memory Java objects. The principle …

Java and XML tutorial with DOM Parser

Q. What is a DOM parser, and when will you use it? A. The Java DOM API for XML parsing is intended for working with small to medium XML documents as an …

Java and XML tutorial with SAX parser – reading only

Q. What is a SAX Parser and when will you use it? A. SAX  (Simple API for XML) is a stream oriented API like StAX, but Unlike StAX, which can read and …

Java and XML tutorial with StAX parser – reading

Q. What is a StAX Parser and when will you use it?
A. The StAX Java API for XML processing is designed for parsing XML streams, just like the SAX …

Java and XML tutorial with Stax Parser – writing cursor based and iterator based

XML Parsing with JAXB implementation called MOXy

Step 1:Create a new Java project via Maven as shown below, and import the project into eclipse IDE.

XML processing in Java overview with a Stax reader example

Q. What APIs do Java provide to process XML? What are the pros and cons of each, and when to use what? A.  SAX: Pros: Memory efficient and faster than the …

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