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Finding your way around the FIX specification Q&A

Firstly, decide on the specification version. If you are using FIX spec 4.4 then go to The tutorials with QuickFIX/J used NewSingleOrder as the request. The message has the fields …

FIX and Java tutorial with QuickFIXj

QuickFixJ is a FIX (Financial Information eXchange) engine for Java. Handy to have knowledge on FIX protocol if you aspire to work for investment banks and other financial services companies. FIX …

QuickFix Java example sending and recieving FIX messages

If you like to work on trading applications, you need to know the  FIX protocol and a FIX  engine like QuickFIX/J.  This extends our simple QuickFIX Java example tutorial. This assumes that you …

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