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01: Getting started with AWS – creating accounts & setting up security

Step 1: Create an account via

Step 2: Create an account. You need to provide credit/debit card details even if you want to use the free tier for up to 12 months.

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02: Creating AWS EC2 instances tutorial step by step

Step 1: Log into your AWS Management Console [ ] and select “EC2” from “Services -Compute -EC2”. On these EC2 servers you can later host Web applications servers or multi-node Hadoop clusters.

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03: SSH to AWS EC2 instances via PuTTY & between other EC2 instances

SSH to EC2 instances via PuTTY from your local machine

Step 1: We earlier created a key-pair in “creating the EC2 instances tutorial” so that we can connect to the server from SSH clients like “putty.exe”

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04: Install AWS CLI to intercat with AWS services like S3

Install Python & pip Step 1: Check if python is already installed. Ubuntu ships with both Python 3 and Python 2 pre-installed. if already installed, make sure that the versions...

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