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Spring 3.0 tutorial – part 7 (with JPA, Hibernate & HSQLDB)

This is a very simple Spring tutorial with JPA, Hibernate and HSQLDB. This assumes that you have gone through the tutorials 1) Setting up Java, … Read more ›...

Spring batch industrial strength tutorial – part1

Make sure that you do this first Beginner Spring batch tutorial with simple reader and writer. Q. What do you understand by batch processing and why do you need them?...

Spring boot with Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate & MySQL tutorial in 10 steps

This assumes that you that you have set up Java, Maven, and MySQL as per the previous tutorials.

Spring boot dependencies in pom.xml

The entries for the Spring boot pom.xml can be determined via “

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Spring IO tutorial in 6 steps

Spring IO Platform is all about “list of dependencies and their versions that work well together”. It is implemented as a Maven POM file via Maven Bill-of-Materials dependency that you...

Spring loading properties files with ApplicationContextInitializer

Spring 3.1 introduced a very convenient hook for customizing the application context with ApplicationContextInitializer. It can be used to set active profiles and register custom property sources.

The web.xml can configure the “contextInitializerClasses”.

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Spring lookup-method example to inject prototype scoped bean into a singleton scoped bean

Step 1: You need asm and cgilib libraries in addition to Spring libraries shown below.


Step 2: define the Dao (Data Access Object) interface.

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Spring MVC RESTful with JPA, Hibernate & MySQL database beginner in 13 steps

This tutorial combines both

1) Spring 4 MVC RESTful Web Service Beginner Tutorial step by step, which focuses on the RSTful web service and

2) JPA with Hibernate &

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Spring MVC Web Application with JPA, Hibernate & MySQL

ControllerService LayerDAO LayerJPA/HibernateMySQL Database

Step 1: The pom.xml with JSTL,

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Spring tutorial to read .proprties files

Q1. How do you read properties file in spring?
A1. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer allows you to share a properties files. You can simply share one properties file for all of your build info or you can separate things out,

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Top 6 Spring wiring via JavaConfig [i.e. @Configuration ] examples

Spring Java Configuration (i.e. JavaConfig) provides a pure-Java means of configuring the Spring IoC container. This is gaining popularity as it

  • gives complete control over instantiation and dependency injection.

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