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Java and JAXB Tutorial – Marshaling

This blog posts extends Java and JAXB tutorial: Unmarshalling.

Q. Can you create your Java objects from XSDs?
A. Yes, you can by binding a schema. Binding a schema means generating a set of Java classes that represents the schema.

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Java and JAXB tutorial – unmarshalling

Q. What does JAXB stand for? What is an XML Binding?
A. JAXB means Java API for Xml Binding. XML binding maps an XML to in-memory Java objects. The principle advantage of using JAXB when marshaling and demarshaling XML is that is simplifies the programming model by allowing us to simply annotate a few POJOs and use the JAXB API’s and you can serialize to XML and deserialize from XML very easily.

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Java and XML tutorial with DOM Parser

Q. What is a DOM parser, and when will you use it? A. The Java DOM API for XML parsing is intended for working with small to medium XML documents as an object graph in memory. The DOM parser traverses the XML file and creates the corresponding DOM objects linked together...

Java and XML tutorial with SAX parser – reading only

Q. What is a SAX Parser and when will you use it? A. SAX  (Simple API for XML) is a stream oriented API like StAX, but Unlike StAX, which can read and write, but SAX can only read. … Read more ›...

Java and XML tutorial with StAX parser – reading

Q. What is a StAX Parser and when will you use it?
A. The StAX Java API for XML processing is designed for parsing XML streams, just like the SAX API’s, but

  • StAX is a “pull”

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Java and XML tutorial with Stax Parser – writing cursor based and iterator based

Here is a simple example to write employee object to XML using simpler cursor based approach. Output: Here is a simple example to write employee object to XML using simpler  … Read more ›...

XML Parsing with JAXB implementation called MOXy

Step 1:Create a new Java project via Maven as shown below, and import the project into eclipse IDE. Step 2: The pom.xml file with the MOXy dependency. Step 3: Create a new “Source Folder” named, src/main/resources and then sub-folder “date” … Read more ›...

XML processing in Java overview with a Stax reader example

Q. What APIs do Java provide to process XML? What are the pros and cons of each, and when to use what? A.  SAX: Pros: Memory efficient and faster than the DOM parser. … Read more ›...

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